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Our fiberglass septic tanks conform to EU-regulations and are all CE-certified

EcoTank septic tanks are used in combination with sewage tanks to collect and process waste water from homes, leisure houses or other buildings. Toilet water is collected in a sewage tank and other waste water is led to a septic tank for a filtering cleaning process.

EcoTank septic tanks are built with three chambers which helps achieve remarkably better results compared to two-chamber tanks. The outlet water is noticeably cleaner. The lifetime of a two-chamber tank is about 5-7 years while a three-chamber tank with a drain pipe at the outlet can last 25-30 years.

As of 1/7/2013, all septic tanks used for new or renovated buildings must be CE-certified. Our septic tanks are CE-certified.

The double system is cost-effective. Only gray water is led to soil, which means that less nutrients and organic matter escapes into the ground.

The septic tanks own filtering system is often connected to an underground pipe filtration system which are both usually the same size (2x15 m). A vent and an observation well are placed in this underground system through which the purified water runs and can later be led to a trench.

This underground system is usually placed at 80-120 cm under the septic tanks sand filter pipes, depending on the soil conditions.