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Specially made HDPE (high density polyethylene) chemical tanks intended for industrial use

STRONG PE-chemical tanks are used in industry for transport and storage of chemicals, for example, in sewage treatment plants. Our tanks are used for several different purposes in the chemical industry.

We offer tanks from 1 m³ to 80 m³ with diameters between 1000-2400 mm. The tanks can be horizontal or vertical. The material is PE-plastic. Our PE-plastic tanks have double walls for extra durability and strength classification of SN2-SN8.

We provide the tanks with a two-year warranty depending on the area of use. Certificates are included with delivery. Our factory has been awarded the ISO 9001 standard quality assurance for our products.

Need custom-made tanks, pools or silos? Our engineers create 3D designs according to customer’s requirements.


  • Metsä Board OYJ / Simpele paper factory
  • Sybimar Oy / Uusikaupunki / Fish tank
  • Biolinja Oy / Uusikaupunki / Biogas scrubber 
  • VG-Shipping Oy / Uusikaupunki / Grease separator
  • Econet Oy / Aulanko waterworks / Chemical tanks
  • Finnish Defence Forces / Säkylä garrison / Chemical tank / Pumping station
  • Sarlin Oy / Ämmänsuo waste treatment plants / Lye tank with heating

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