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Ecotank kemikaalisailio huoltotasolla ja turvakaiteella

We manufacture special tanks for industrial use.

We manufacture tanks, cisterns, silos and pools according to our customer needs, and deliver these specially designed tanks mainly for industrial use. Our custom-tanks can be made out of fiberglass or PE-plastic, depending on the purpose of use. Fiberglass and PE-plastic tanks are suitable for long or short-term treatment and storage of water, chemicals, liquids, fertilisers, and many other areas of use. The tanks are designed according to which chemicals they are intended to contain.

We manufacture tanks with 2 000 to 80 000 litres volumes.

All inlet and outlet connections, service wells, pumps, etc. can be manufactured to customer’s specifications on size and positioning. The tanks can be single-walled, double-walled, be equipped with a containment basin, or have a so-called tank-in-tank construction. 

Our custom-made tanks are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and depending on the intended area of use can be equipped with thermal insulation, heating coil, aluminium coating, and various types of alarms and sensors.

We manufacture our tanks according to our customers' drawings or our engineers can design the entire project from scratch according customer needs. Certificates and 3D-drawings of the project are included in the price.

We have delivered the following kinds of tanks:

- sewage tanks 2000-80000 liters
- septic tanks with filtration systems 2000-50000 liters
- rain water tanks

- grease separators

- bioreactors and sulfur wash towers

- small and large pumping stations for waste and drinking water
- other tanks for storage and transport
- AIV-tower
- grain silos, other silos, and vertical tanks between 2000-60000 liters
- fertiliser wagon tanks
- fire protection water tanks
- 1st and 2nd class oil separators
- service wells
- fish breeding ponds
- reinforced oil tanks
- observation pools for industrial use


Below are some examples of our custom-made industrial tanks:

Ecotank lasikuituinen kemikaalisailio huoltotasolla Ecotank rasvanerotussailio 45m3 Ecotank rasvanerotussailio 45000 L Ecotank teollisuussailiot Pystysailio 60m3 Ecotank kemikaalisailio 10m3 huoltotasolla