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We deliver sewage tanks made out of fiberglass in volumes between 2000 and 80000 litres

Sewage tanks require density and a strong structure. The tank must be strong enough to hold at all times, even in the winter cold and summer heat. EcoTank sewage tanks are strong and durable. Local municipalities often require a disposal system for leisure and beach houses. In these cases, waste water is usually collected to a sewage tank, while washing and bathing water is led to a septic tank. This helps protect nearby streams and lakes.

EcoTank sewage tanks are custom-made according to  our customers' requirements and we can produce tanks with a volume of 2000 to 80 000 litres. The emptying vehicle's capacity is usually 10 000 – 12 000 l. Sewage tanks are cost-effective when installation and emptying costs are low. Our sewage tanks are cylindrical and available in diameters: 1200, 1600, 2100 or 2400 mm. Length varies according to the desired volume of the tank. The inlet is adjusted to fit 110, 200, 315 or 400 mm pipes. The inlet can be placed anywhere on the tank: end, side or top. The emptying pipe has a standard diameter of 200 mm. If the client wishes, it can also be 315 or 400 mm with a 600 mm service well with PVC or metal lid.

We include anchoring lines with all our sewage tanks tanks.

EcoTank underground sewage tanks are manufactured in compliance with EN976-1:2000 standard.

A level-indicator is recommended for sewage tanks. We recommend the wireless level-indicator RF-412, which can be ordered from us and included in the delivery without additional shipping fee.

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