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Food grade water tanks manufactured in HDPE (high density polyethylene) for drinking water

EcoTank is one of the few suppliers who can provide high quality water tanks that are approved for drinking water.

Our water tanks in food grade quality can be manufactured in volumes 2m³–80m³ with a diameter between 1000–2400 mm. They can be manufactured with feet so that they can be placed above or underground.

Our water tanks are made in HDPE-plastic (high density polyethylene) with double walls for extra durability and have a strength classification of SN2-SN8.

Each water tank is produced according to customer’s needs regarding dimensions and intended use.

We provide a two-year warranty, depending on the application area, and certificates are always included upon delivery.

Our factory has been awarded the ISO 9001 standard quality assurance for our products.

Our offer comes with a technical drawing where the client can make changes if needed.

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