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Tanks, pumping stations and pipes for various purposes. 

We supply fiberglass and plastic tanks for private customers, retail and wholesale, construction contractors and industry. Our fiberglass and plastic tanks are made of HDPE, PP-H, PVDF, PVC or PE-HVU material which is very strong, lightweight and fire resistant. Fiberglass and plastic tanks have outstanding corrosion resistance and are also suitable for long term treatment and storage of chemicals.

We manufacture tanks with volumes from 2 000 to 80 000 liters.

Our tanks are manufactured in compliance with the DVS2205/EN12573 standard which specifies the approved areas of use for the tanks and the long-term impact of the material on the environment.

Underground sewage tanks are manufactured in compliance with the EN976/1:2000 standard. Tanks for above ground use are manufactured in compliance with EN EVS-EN13121-1:2003, EVS-EN13121-2:2003 and EVS-EN13121-3:2008 standards.


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