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linjapumppaamot1Line pumping stations are used for pumping waste water, rainwater and ground water. The pumping house fits two pumps. The stations are manufactured according to customer’s specifications regarding dimensions and capacity. They can also be equipped with a control centre with GSM alarm.

Pumping house:
- pump (1 or 2)
- automatics
- R / B mooring disc with anchoring lines
- shut-off valves (for outlet)

- Body made of PE-plastic, double-walled, ring stiffness 4 kN/m²
- Reinforced bottom, max. placement depth of 7m, safety factor of 2, PE-plastic/metal
- Service hatch of PE-plastic, aluminium or cast iron
- Ladder RST (AISI316)
- Serviceplatform (AISI316)
- Pump control (AISI316)
- Pipe (PE 100 or AISI316)
- Rear valve (cast iron)
- Tubes for air circulation (12 mm D110), net (PE)
- Bolts, nuts, bottom plates (AISI316)
- Hooks, cables (PE)
- Automatic steering, waterproof cable conduit

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