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Our fiberglass fertiliser tanks can be used with different kinds of fertilisers

EcoTank  fertiliser tanks are durable, lightweight, corrosion free and intended for use in agriculture. Our fertiliser tanks have splash-walls installed inside them, to prevent unwanted load distribution during transport. They can also have full-length support feet positioned under the tank or rails for platform switching. Fiberglass fertiliser tanks have a longer lifespan than, for instance, metal tanks. 

Fertiliser tanks are produced in 3000–40000 litre sizes.

Fertiliser tanks are stocked with the following equipment:

  • Lifting hooks
  • Full-length feet
  • Venting pipe 110 mm
  • 200-800 mm fill/service hatch (size as required)
  • 3-6" flange couplings
  • UV-protective paint (several colours)

Optional accessories available upon request:

  • Switching platform, hook or wire
  • Hydraulically operated discharge pump