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strong septic tanks


Our STRONG septic tanks are manufactured in PE-plastic for an extra long lifespan

Choose STRONG if you need an extra durable and dense septic tanks.
STRONG septic tanks/three-chamber wells are built with double walls and are exceptionally durable. The tanks must withstand various external forces, such as winter cold and summer heat. The tanks are made of the same pipe material used under highways and subways. 

STRONG septic tanks/three-chamber wells are the only double-wall tanks on the market.

The tanks are cylindrical and we offer sizes in 1000, 1200, 1600, 2100 or 2400 mm in diameter and the length determines the volume. In- och outlet pipes can be 110, 200, 315 or 400 mm depending on the main pipes.

Our CE-certified septic tanks have 400 mm discharge  pipes at each section on the upper side.

STRONG septic tanks/three-chamber wells are meant to be used as complements to sewage tanks for draining washing and shower water for holiday homes and other buildings. Washing water is led into the septic tank and then led as effluent into the ground while the toilet water is routed to a sewage tank.

STRONG septic tanks have three chambers which makes the water cleaning process more effective compared to two-chambered systems. The lifespan of 3-chamber systems are about 25-30 years, compared with 2-chamber systems, which only last about 5-7 years.

As of 1/7/2013, all septic tanks/three-chamber wells used for new or renovated buildings must be CE-certified.

A two-tank system is cost effective as the toilet drain is led to a sewage tank and washing and shower water to a septic tank for treatment and finally through a sand filter so that smaller amounts of organic material and nutrients reach the soil.

The septic tank does not need to be emptied as often making it more economical. The filtration system placed after the septic tank consists of a distribution well, filtration pipes (usually 2x15 m), and venting from the pipe between the distribution well and septic tank.

If necessary, an infiltration-field with ventilation pipes and an observation well can be installed. The water which has been cleaned in the infiltration-field can the be led out to, for example, a trench.  This kind of water-cleaning system is usually placed at 80-120 cm under ground level, depending on soil conditions. 

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